Mittwoch, 7. August 2013

Off to Birmingham

Faster than I thought possible, August 7th has arrived, and thus the first day of my vacation. Wow...Right now I'm sitting at the airport in Stuttgart, waiting for my flight to London, all the while enjoying my newly bought EPP-bag.
Yes, I was sooooo sure I would use Jess Alexandrakis wonderful pattern for an EPP bag, but then, time is something I didn't have in the last weeks. So then, this morning I went off to buy something suitable. At first, I set my eyes out for a bag that looked pretty much like what Jess suggested. In the end it was the sales that changed my mind. I found the perfect bag. Originally it's meant for toiletries, but then... the size fits, and the idea of being able to hang it on the seat in front of me? Perfect.

That's my new bag closed.

 As I usually have big handbags, I don't need more than the small carrying strap. Though there would be a possibility to fix one.

This is the bag opened up. Maybe you start getting an impression, why I love it so much. The mesh-zipper-baggies let me see what's inside, and it has a second bag (invisible here) that is made from clear plastic to keep the project itself in.

For now, I'm using the bag and its contents for what EPP often is for me, a possibility to calm myself down, as I'm really, really excited to go to the Birmingham festival of Quilts for the first time in my life, and also because I have a quilt entered into the competition and have no idea whatsoever if I'm going to be good or bad.

As long as I have WiFi-access, I will be blogging, promise.  A

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