Montag, 15. Juli 2013

Hello, blogging world!

Huh, it took me a long time (too long?) to finally decide that I'd like to have a blog to share all my needlework adventures with the world. I tried to have a traditional website and have that updated, but, well... it's difficult to need a special computer to edit it all. So, this is going to be my blog, accessible from every computer I have access to which makes it heck of a lot easier to share my quilting adventures with you.

Let me firstly delve into history.

At first it started with "I do not need another hobby, really. I do all these laces, that's enough." But I had myself talked into joining a local quilt group for some creative input. We made up a bag or two and then it happened. I discovered English Paper Piecing and the quilting bug bit. Badly.

My first two works are
  • a wall hanger going by the name of Cityscapes. This is a variation on the traditional Inner City block, appliquéd to a batik background and quilted with embroidery thread.
  • an Amish style miniature to find out if I could do hand quilting and if I'd enjoy that.
After that... I decided that if I was to fly to the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham this summer, I could join the competition on "My First Quilt" as well, since I hadn't made up one.

I finished it yesterday. Batik, in EPP, appliquéd to a cream background, all hand-quilted with crosshatches and feather patterns. Unfortunately, I'll only be able to share pictures after... you know... it's shown in Birmingham.

As ideas seldom stay alone, at least not in my head, I've got a notebook full of "Quilts I want to do", some in early design stages, some in later design stages. As the next two are also going to be competition entries, this is going to be a picture-less blog for now... but not for long. I know myself. The first project which I can show off already is in preparation, it's a quilting-retreat-bag with built in ironing surface. Just wait and see...

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  1. Julia,
    so glad you started blogging. I love hearing you talk about the quilts even though we can't see them yet, very suspenseful, hehe.
    Can't wait to see more of your work.
    Best, Jessica in NY


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