Donnerstag, 25. Juli 2013

Off to MQF

Seems like my life consists of quilting, quilting and quilting these days. Sure, there's my day-to-day office job, but for the rest? EPPing, designing around, going to retreats and - starting tonight - the Main Quilt Festival in Aschaffenburg. My wife and I will be staying there for two nights and are going to do a workshop about crazy quilting by hand and I'm looking forward to show you the outcome.
I'll be taking along a bunch of 4" charm squares in different colours which I have left over from another WIP, my Mom's "Pink Panther Cuddly Quilt" which I hope to be able to finish until Christmas. Of course, the charm squares are all colours except pink and violet...

Since this is a blog and you certainly are in for eye candy... I'll share the next finished project with you. From now on I'll have to do with working photos, since this is the last finished one...

"Lazing on a Sunday afternoon" was born just like that, on a lazy Sunday afternoon when I was asking myself how to try out that handquilting thingie. I used some solids that were on hand, but realized that the charcoal combines just wonderfully with the warm red and the forest green. It's about 16x16 inches in size, the narrow red border measuring not quite one inch finished.

Since I made the complete miniquilt out of a book (Klein, aber Oho!), they also provided the quilting patterns and I only had to make up the templates. The crosshatching in the middle of the red feather circles are 1/4 inch apart.

This is one of the corner hearts, showing the variegated gray Sulky handquilting thread I used. Also, just because it was there. But I like the way it looks. A lot.

So then, see you on Sunday? I don't think I will be able to post before.

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